Lisa dupuy


Freelance journalist: 

  • Occasional road trips for adventures

    / Also see the Picture Stories on this website

  • Newsrooms for the online, news and newspaper fast stuff, mostly at NRC newspaper

    / Summer of 2018: Foreign news desk, Africa and Asia
    / Also see the newspaper archive

  • Previously (until late 2018) Lighthouse Reports team member for stories about warm conflict and peace, innovative storytelling

I have done:

  • Congo’s Gold, lead researcher and writing for a multimedia investigatory project consisting of articles, website and documentary into the illegal gold mining in DR Congo, the cycle of violence in the Ituri province, wildlife conservation and smuggling into Uganda (produced across summers 2017-2018)

  • #DutchArms (track and trace), investigative project on the Dutch international weapons trade, online community and lead editor
    / Special Commendation at 2018 PRIX EUROPA for
    online projects

  • Onze Missie in Afghanistan, online editor and research

  • National Geographic magazine Nederland-België online news editing, writing, digital editor

  • Publeaks, anonymous sources and community management: essay Projectmatige Publeaks: duidelijke vragen voor je publiek

  • European Journalism Centre for the Emergency Journalism programme (archived), on crisis communications analysis, UGC verification. Social media reporting during News Impact Summits

  • A lecture at the Marjan Centre (King’s College London) about environmental thinking and nuclear/WMD warfare, repeated every academic year


In 2019

  • 'Investigating DR Congo’s illegal gold trade', Deutsche Welle online

  • 'Waarom een oorlogsjournalist zijn of haar leven riskeert', online, NRC newspaper (pdf)

  • 'Met dronebeelden en satellietfoto’s wordt de oorlogspuzzel compleet', NRC newspaper (pdf), online

  • Interview Iain Overton: zelfmoordterrorisme. '‘IS-rekruten staan mogelijk te trappelen’', online, NRC newspaper (pdf)

  • 'Ontzetting na moord op voormalige journalist in Kabul', online

  • 'Verwarring en zorgen over opgezegd INF-verdrag: negen vragen en antwoorden', online, NRC newspaper

  • 'Wereld Natuur Fonds zet paramilitairen in tegen stropers', Lisa Dupuy & Bram Vermeulen, online, NRC newspaper

In 2018
NRC newspaper and online:

  • 'Waarom wordt er nu juist wél ingegrepen in Syrië?', (pdf of page)


  • 'Over lijken voor illegaal goud in Congo', Trouw newspaper and website

  • 'Is goed goud uit Afrika mogelijk?', Trouw newspaper and website

In 2017

In 2016



  • Hostile Environment Training, NL association for journalists (december 2018)

  • Nonproliferation and International Security MA. War studies department, King’s College London (graduated merit, january 2015).
    Thesis: Discussing fiction weapons - mapping the controversy of tactical nuclear weapon deployment in the Netherlands

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences bachelor’s degree in the Humanities and Social Sciences, University College Maastricht (graduated merit, february 2013)
    Thesis (pdf): Don’t shoot the messenger - the role of war journalists within the dynamics of conflict, resolution and peace

(Mostly) unrelated but still loved:

Loud music, punks, goths and the beat generation, theatre process writing, football and other sports, evolutionary biology, big history, breakfast and drinks (but not usually at the same time), the sea. The Netherlands and France, the UK, Quebec/Canada

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